Woodworking Tools – Building Has Never Been Easier

Whether you are a casual DIY homeowner, a hobbyist or a contractor, having a collection of woodworking power tools can expand the reach of your talents. As the scale and scope of home improvement projects have continued to expand, the entire class of woodworking-power-tools have evolved to the point where the both professional and amateur can build, adapt, repair and create like never before. Best of all, the selection, variety and price range of tools available ensures that for every level of work intensity and budget there are tools galore to match.

From nail guns to table saws to sanders to bandsaws to lathes and so much more, the proper mix of quality woodworking-power-tools will allow you to build virtually without limitations. As you might guess, the list of tools in this category are nearly endless, but with a handful of the core important ones, you will be well on your way to being able to work with speed, ease and precision.

A quality power drill by Craftsman, Makita or DeWalt, for example, is an indispensable item to start your collection off with. Choose from corded or cordless, depending on the type of work you do. If your needs are for around the home, you might as well stick to a corded version, as they assure you of continuous power and are generally less expensive as well.

As far as saws are concerned, the two basic core tools for most woodworking needs are the best cordless circular saw and the jigsaw. Again, in addition to the aforementioned brands, check out names like Milwaukee and Ryobi for competitively priced and reliable saws. For making simple quick cuts for wood of various lengths, the circular saw is without question a must. If you are faced with cutting intricate curves and shapes, the jigsaw is equally necessary.

To make quick work of assembly, a quality nail gun is an incredibly valuable tool. The kind of gun you get will be largely based on the type of work that you will be doing, but there is a nail gun for every need. Aside from allowing you to work with speed, a gun will enhance the overall quality of work by eliminating mistakes and unsightly surface hammer marks. Stanley, Porter Cable, Bosch and Senco make wonderful nail guns in addition to the brands listed above.

Your basic woodworking-power-tools collection wouldn’t be complete without a sander. You could opt for a belt sander for heavier work, but a radial sander is the bare minimum for smoothing out the rough surfaces. Plus, the radial sander is easy to handle and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Just like with the drill, a corded sander is more than sufficient for home projects.

These should do the trick to start off with. Later, as your skills and interests dictate, you can consider best hobby lathe, bechtop drill press, table saw, router, miter saw and other woodworking-power-tools. Look for periodic special offers at your local home improvement centers. Finally, you can find kits that have most of your elementary woodworking-power-tools for one low price. Happy woodworking.

Tips for Launching a Woodworking Business Successfully

If you are planning to launch your woodworking business, you need to set up the platform by following some tips. A good launching pad and marketing propaganda is required to give the business the right start.


Maintaining a great portfolio is the right way to launch the marketing of your business. You need to have something to show your potential clients when you meet them which is why a good portfolio is so critical. It speaks for itself and if you have skilled workers with you, you can use the best photos to impress those who are looking for proof. The photos can help convince them that they can give you the contract that you need at the start of your business. A good portfolio is not only useful to let the potential clients know what you can deliver but also helps them realize how they can plan their living rooms, receptions or other areas better with wooden furniture, wood carvings and other products. Until they see something in form, they find it very hard to visualize how much is possible with wood.

Photo presentations

Launching your woodworking business through photo presentation is a great way to market it. You will need to organize shows and advertise your services at places where you can find your target customers. Presenting your work at various places especially the more reputed galleries and art houses will help you get art connoisseurs interest.

Identify your niche and advertise accordingly

You will have to decide whether your business will be focused towards a specific niche like carvings and decorations with traditional art or it will cater to businesses and institutions where utility takes center stage over art. Once you decide your niche you can advertise accordingly in the right places, whether that is at galleries and art houses or through discounts and show pieces at superstores.

Focus on Internet Marketing

Internet is a powerful tool and good marketing can really boost your woodworking business to a great degree. A lot of people these days search for good options on the internet. This is how potential clients zero in on their choices. A good website that talks about your products, the wood, the prices and the options the clients have will help to attract more clients towards your business. Good photos of your products and description of services that you can offer through a well designed site could do the trick.

Buyers to Consider for Your Woodworking Business

If you are in the woodworking business, there are quite a few places where you can consider the opportunity to sell your products. There is quite a good market for wood carvings especially in some niche areas.

Gift shops

One of the best places you can eye while in woodcarving business are the gift shops. Wood carvings are very popular for gifts which could be mementoes, souvenirs, wall decorations, showcase items, decorations etc. Getting contracts with gift shop franchises or chains would make for a great opportunity.

Art houses

If you have couple of highly skilled traditional workers, you can tap the potential of the market. There is a lot of demand for local art and craft and artisans’ traditional work could fetch a lot of business for you. You can also go for craft shows where you can exhibit the traditional products of your business. This will be a good platform for your business and will also help as a marketing strategy. Art houses too will need display pieces and if your wood is of high quality and so are your items, the carvings can definitely find their way into reputed places. Galleries are other venues that you can target for your business. Galleries can win you consignments too especially if they catch the attention of an art connoisseur.

Garden centers

There are many people who love to adorn their gardens with some woodwork. Whether it is breakfast sets with tables and chairs for the verandah or the swings for the porch, woodworking business can get some clients from those people who love to have some aesthetic wood carvings around.

Schools and offices

Getting a contract with offices and schools could be the best thing that can happen to your woodworking business. Schools would need lot of furniture including tables, benches, chairs and desks. Similarly corporate houses need a whole lot of woodwork to fill the workspace. From massive conference desks that are made of hardwood to cabinets, tables and movable partitions, a lot of products are required for an office. Therefore getting a contract with corporate houses could be a great motivation for businesses and allow you to expand your business with more workers on board. Hotels are also a great place and most of them need lot of wooden furniture starting from the reception and lounge to the furniture inside the rooms like beds, bed stands, side tables etc.